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In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom
oil on canvas

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Inside The Box

Inside the Box
Oil on Board

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Lilac in a Vase

Oil on Canvas
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These are just three different samples of what I like to paint: figures, abstracts and realistic themes: sometimes flowers, other times landscapes. It all depends what mood I find myself in that day.I hate to be bogged down with one subject or one style, different approaches mean different experiences and that in turn means different level of satisfaction or frustrations

My favorite quotation is

"You expect me to tell you what art is? If I knew, I would keep my knowledge to myself" -Picasso

I can honestly say that this sentence describes my relationship to art in some way. Therefore I'm searching and looking and trying out new things all the time. Along the way I do find all kinds of answers: discoveries of myself, my preferences, dislikes, what gives me pleasure and why. Painting is not only a way to self-knowledge. It is also a sure way to figure out what inspires your friends, aquaintances, your neighbors and total strangers. I'm always amazed how works of art can please some people and annoy so many others, inspire some and leave others totally indifferent. The real challenge for me is to be able to express my own feelings to the viewer pf my paintings. I'm therefore not so much interested in painting what I see but more in painting what I felt when I saw or understood.

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